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Certain groups of scholars—call them associations, societies, groups, fields, specialties, collectives, whathaveyou—might need specific sorts of platforms, infrastructures, modes and genres of delivery, and specific products around which certain types of communities would not only gather, but flourish and thrive, as well as produce distinctive styles of scholarship. Herein lies the critical link between publishing and public-ation, or the making of distinctive publics, which must needs be diverse, each with their own voice, values, modes and styles of enunciation, and so on. We are concerned with style, especially as it is not just an adornment laid on top of content: it is, in fact, what generates content, it is even the very engine of generation and natality. Another way of putting this is: form matters, style matters, and a diversity of genres and forms of writing helps to guarantee a capacious diversity of thought, without which, knowledge doesn’t accumulate.

~ Eileen A. Joy, “A Time for Radical Hope”

punctum books hosts a variety of scholarly imprints and book series a addressing emerging and cross-disciplinary fields of inquiry, produced in an eclectic variety of formats, and with an emphasis, like punctum’s, on cultivating and curating work across a whimsical para-humanities assemblage.

Imprints and book series are directed by independent editors, supported by their own editorial boards, and they determine their own editorial and aesthetic vision, which punctum supports through additional editorial, technical, and promotional assistance.

If you are an author interested in publishing with punctum books through one of our imprints, please contact the imprint editors directly by means of the contact details listed on the imprint page (see below). If you are interested in starting an imprint with punctum books, please contact Eileen Fradenburg Joy ( and Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei (, and provide an abstract (~1,000 to ~1,500 words) detailing your imprint proposal (its intellectual backgrounds, aims and objectives, etc.), as well as a list of planned publications. Book series proposals are accepted through our regular submission process.

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