We help Jesus-centered organizations become

better at what they do.





Perception is reality. We can help you shape that perception.

Let's be clear. Good design clarifies. Bad design confuses.

From Boomers to Millennials, clear, effective communication is possible. No matter the audience.





It's been said that a bad website is worse than no website. We make good ones.

We can help you know whether to post it, tag it, or tweet it.

There's  nothing like a visual image to capture one's attention. We can help you tell your story through still images or video.


We believe if we focus on relationships more than growing a business,

the latter will happen naturally and healthily. And it is.

We only enter into a partnership when we know in our hearts

that we can provide exactly what is needed in a timely

manner - with a personal, one-on-one approach.

After all, that's what you deserve.

Information is good. Inspiration is better. And that is what drives Aaron. He believes that we are made in the image of the ultimate Creator and therefore we in turn are all creative in one way or another.  As a co-founder of Punctum Media, he helps people tell the greatest story ever known.


Aaron has been married to his wife Laurie for 29 years. They have two children.


Aaron Sain


Kyle brings 13 years of  finance and accounting experience to Punctum Media. This is good because Aaron has 0 years accounting experience. But Kyle has always desired to use his business knowledge and experience for a divine purpose. A graduate of Harding University, Kyle feels blessed to be a part of an organization that is revolutionizing the way we spread the message of Jesus to others.


Kyle has been married to his wife Beth for 12 years. They have four children.

Kyle Watson



Why Punctum Media?

The word punctum means "to make the point".


We believe that the story of Jesus is the greatest story this world has ever known and we are committed to helping his followers tell it in the most effective way possible.



"Communicating to a large church is a challenge but we were determined to lessen our dependency on printed pieces by driving our members to the web for news, event communication, and registrations, etc. Since partnering with Punctum Media, we've seen a significant increase in web and social media traffic and the results of the recent online giving campaign exceeded our expectations."

"RAVE Ministries has had the privilege of working with Aaron on numerous projects. He not only grasps the vision but shares his creative thoughts and implements them in a way like no one else can. Recently we completed an additional volume to our current series of DVDs and Aaron has helped our DVD sales far exceed our estimated projections. I have no doubt that anything Aaron has his mind behind will do great things and impact many."

Vicki Atnip

Church Administrator

Otter Creek Church of Christ

Becca Daniel

RAVE Ministries

“Connecting with Punctum Media has been a great decision for our church. Having been on a church staff for many years, Aaron understands the unique needs of churches. He is professional and prompt and I highly recommend him for your consideration.”

In my nearly 30 years of working, I have not found a more dedicated, reliable and creative person.  Aaron's work is meaningful, passionate and compelling, regardless of the subject matter.  I continue to look for opportunities to take advantage of his deep well of creative and innovative talent. "

Russ King

Minister of Community Outreach & Church Life

Donelson Church of Christ

Ron Charpentier

Executive Vice President, Operations

BreatheAmerica, Inc.



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